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All tour reservations include $235 of Instant Value! If you are not sure of your desired destination or date, check out our Open Reservation option on the form below.

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2021 Asian Tour Schedule

Select Tour Cities(click cities for details) From To Days Cost
Open Reservation
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Choose Later$235 of INSTANT Value For You!* Choose Later Choose Later $475
March 4 March 10 7 days/6 nights $2595
March 4 March 13 10 days/9 nights $2995
March 4 March 17 14 days/13 nights $3495
Cancelled Due To COVID-19 March 18 March 24 7 days/6 nights $2595
April 22 April 28 7 days/6 nights $2495
April 22 May 1 10 days/9 nights $2995
April 22 May 5 14 days/13 nights $3395
June 10 June 16 7 days/6 nights $2595
June 10 June 19 10 days/9 nights $2995
June 10 June 23 14 days/13 nights $3495
August 19 August 25 7 days/6 nights $2795
August 19 August 28 10 days/9 nights $3195
August 19 September 1 14 days/13 nights $3495
August 26 September 1 7 days/6 nights $2495
August 26 September 4 10 days/9 nights $2995
August 26 September 8 14 days/13 nights $3395
October 7 October 13 7 days/6 nights $2595
October 7 October 16 10 days/9 nights $2995
October 7 October 20 14 days/13 nights $3495
November 18 November 24 7 days/6 nights $2595
November 18 November 27 10 days/9 nights $2995
November 18 December 1 14 days/13 nights $3495

*If you can't make a tour date, try our personal tours, anytime! Click here for more information about our Asian Club.

Due to the various Covid-19 restrictions in countries which we conduct tours and introductions, services such as tours and or individual introductions may be affected. We will do our best to continue to provide the same high quality services you have come to expect over the last 25 years, however, it is important that we respect and adhere to the rules of the countries and regions in which we operate, in order to help ensure the safety of all involved. The posted group tour schedule is subject to any such restrictions which may change with very little notice at any time. Please call to receive more information about any given tour.